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St. Paul Lutheran Church & School | Muskego

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Welcome to St. Paul's Muskego

Maybe you haven’t been to church in decades. Maybe you’ve moved and are stuck in the oh-so-frustrating time of “church shopping." Maybe you never thought you would set foot in a church again. Maybe you spent your whole life in church and you are so thrilled to come visit this one!

Whoever you are and whatever your reason, we’re so excited meet you!

Who are we?

We are men, women, plumbers, electricians, businessmen and women, students, teachers, motorcycle riders, athletes, artists, young and old. But most of all, we are a family – complete with all the quirks and fun that your own family might have – a big, imperfect family with a love for our huge perfect God!

What do our guests say they like best?

"Everything! The very welcoming feeling we received from the pastors, the usher, and the follow-up email."

– Bernice

There was a very sweet lady that immediately greeted us at the door. When we walked into the sanctuary I had a feeling of inviting and calming. The pastor's message was so well organized and stayed with me in the days that have easy to listen to. As I alluded to above, I felt so relaxed, calm, and ready to meditate in God's word. I loved the sanctuary and particularly the altar area with it's impressive river rock wall and it's gorgeous backlit wooden cross.

– Barbara

St. Paul's has a very warm and welcoming feeling to it! All members and staff at the school have been amazing! We like Pastor Peter a lot, he is easy to listen to and always enthusiastic about his message.

– Andrea

On arrival the greeters were very friendly and made me feel very welcomed. I also noticed how large the bulletin was and how much information was given about different church/school events and activities. I noticed the various ways in which members are able to get involved which is awesome! My second visit to St Pauls was for the contemporary Sunday service which I really enjoyed. I felt as if the pastors message was very relatable to my life. I enjoyed the more laid back vibe of the service.

- Emily

Smiles – everywhere. It was great. These weren't fake smiles, people were truly happy to be there. I have been to many different churches across the country. Your congregation is very real and down to earth. If you look at what is scheduled in the congregation and can't find an area where you fit, you aren't really looking.


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What do we believe?

We believe that God built St. Paul’s to use every resource possible to share God’s grace and truth with anyone in and around our community. That’s the bottom line!

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We would love to see you soon!