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The Intentional Life

Join us, beginning January 10, for a new message series The Intentional Life.

In the days of the old sailing ships, the greatest danger sailors faced was not piracy or storms at sea, but simply being “becalmed” hundreds of miles from land.

The word “becalmed” sounds peaceful, but with no wind, a sailing ship could drift aimlessly for days or weeks until the sailors perished from lack of food and water.

In our lives, our most dangerous enemy may be not some sudden temptation, demonic assault, or even the personal “storms” of life, but the danger of simply drifting. The author of the Book of Hebrews warned, “We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away” (Hebrews 2:1).

Are you drifting?
As we begin the new year, we pray that the Holy Spirit (in both Hebrew and Greek the word for “spirit” and “wind” is the same) fill the sails of our lives so that we live with purpose and intention.

Fully Equipped

The lies Satan spoke to church members in the 1st century church are the same lies he speaks today: “You are nothing!” or “You are everything.”

He either wants us to despair because we don’t have the gifts that others have, or he wants us to be puffed up with pride.

The Apostle Paul in this series reminds us that each of us is “fully equipped” to carry out the ministry that God is calling us personally to do, and that each of us is an important part of God’s plan to fully equip our congregation to fulfill its mission.