Faith Alone - The Bridge

Series: Here I Stand

October 22, 2017 | Pastor Pete Panitzke

Passage: John 5:24-29

Series Information

“I am a Lutheran because I am a Christian.” “I’m a Lutheran because someone shared the gospel with me.” Outreach and faith connect with the sharing of the gospel. That’s what this series is all about. As we celebrate the treasures we have as Lutheran Christians, we want to do more than celebrate history. We want to share what God has given us with others so the Holy Spirit can do as he promises—create faith. Through this series we use this historic event of Reformation 500 to reach out, to share, to witness, and to confess. 

This series is built around four important Christian—that is, Lutheran Christian—treasures. Three of them are familiar: Grace Alone, Faith Alone, and Scripture Alone. They are the three “solas” we find in some of the stained glass windows of Lutheran churches. But one more sola captures them all—Christ Alone. We hold fast to the truth of God’s grace that has justified us freely in Christ. We receive that grace and make it ours by faith in Christ. We learn of these treasures in Christ through the Scriptures and do not rely on any other authority. So “Christ Alone” is the Rock—the foundation of the church on which rests all our teaching and our witness. We have such treasures. Let’s celebrate them! Let’s reclaim these truths for our generation!

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