Zoom Link for Bible Study & the "Holy Ground"

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on December 03, 2020

This painting by Greg Olson of Jesus overlooking the "Holy Ground" of Jerusalem pictures this evening's Zoom Bible study and both of our readings for today.

  • Zoom Bible Study at 7 pm (click here for link)This evening's study is a follow up to Pastor Nate's "Awake and Alive" sermon from this past weekend. I will lead a study of Matthew 24-25a conversation Jesus had with his disciples as he sat on the Mount of Olives, overlooking the city of Jerusalem and the temple. Our goal will be to understand the signs of the end of the world and how Jesus wants us to be prepared for it. All are welcome. You don't need to download Zoom - just click this link before 7 pm this evening. 
  • Our New Testament reading (John 19:1-24) is the Holy Ground of our King coming to sacrifice himself for us in Jerusalem. How often do you suppose Jesus looked over the city and contemplated his coming crucifixion? Today, let's sit with him for a time and contemplate his mercy toward rebellious Jerusalem of his day and his mercy toward rebels like us.
  • Our Old Testament reading (Ezekiel 47-48) pictures that mercy of our God flowing out from the temple and bringing life wherever it flows. May Jesus' mercy flow over us and bring us life and make us life-givers to those around us. Ezekiel 48 portrays an idealized division of the land of Israel. Remember, Ezekiel is writing to comfort those who have been in exile in Babylon for 25 years. Has the LORD forgotten them? Has the LORD forsaken them? Not all! They shall return. Each tribe will have a place in the Promised Land. It reminds me of the song Mike Westendorf and Alex Bennett wrote: "You Made a Place for Me."  The LORD is looking over his Church. He has made a place for us there. And the best news of all? The LORD is There! (Ezekiel 48:35)

Advent Devotional

If you haven't already, I encourage you to watch the first of our Advent Devotionals here. Our new website makes it very easy to share this and other opportunities on social media and/or email. Click here and be a digital missionary. 

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Pete 


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