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by Pastor Pete Panitzke on May 02, 2020

Safer-at-Home is a God-given opportunity for us to carry out our roles as Pastors or Shepherds of our Family Churches.

  • Parents are the primary spiritual shepherds of their children.

But a "family church" isn't limited to those who are related by blood.

  • Yesterday one of your sisters in Christ mentioned that she is sending devotions and encouragements to her volleyball and pickle ball playing friends. They are part of her "Family Church." 

The Importance of the Family Church
Our Old Testament Lesson (read 1 Samuel 1 & 2 here) reveals the importance of the Family Church. In spite of the incredible wickedness in society at the time of the Judges, the LORD preserves the faith in the Family Church of Elkanah. He isn’t the perfect pastor of his family church. He is influenced by the society around him too (the practice of having more than one wife). There is discord in his family. But faith remains and future generations are blessed.
Eli’s family is a sad contrast. As high priest and judge, he should have pastored his family.  He didn’t and later generations suffered.
In the New Testament Lesson (read Acts 14:21-15:12 here), Paul finishes his first missionary journey and warns, “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.” Those hardships even occur in the church as his ministry is challenged. Hardships within and without are all the more reason for us to be daily students of God’s Word so that we cling to this hope: “Through the grace of our Lord Jesus… we are saved.”
Support for the Family Church

We are providing online materials to help you fulfill your role as a pastor or shepherd of your Family Church.

Our traditional service will be available for viewing early Sunday morning. Find it on our online worship page (click here).  The worship folder with the Message Outline and GroupWork for a small group or family study is attached. 

The Bridge will be live streamed on Sunday at 10:15 am (find the site here). 

Better yet, find us on Facebook at The Bridge at St. Paul's (click here) and start a watch party with your Family Church that may be spread out over half a dozen states.

Find resources to Pastor your Family Church on the Kids Club Resource Page (click here) or use the attached Kids Club Family lesson.

God bless and keep you all. 

Pastor Pete 


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