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by Pastor Pete Panitzke on March 29, 2020

We invite you to join us in worship this morning!

Our Journey to the Empty Tomb Readings
Our New Testament reading for today is Acts 5:22-42 (click here to read). The apostles serve as witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection when placed on trial. Their lives are on the line, but they cannot deny what they have seen. When you believe that Jesus’ tomb was empty, you are trusting what amounted a “death bed confession” by the apostles.  
The Old Testament Lesson (click here to read Deuteronomy 9-10) continues an historical overview of the LORD’s faithfulness and love for a people who rebelled against him over and over. Moses proclaims Law and Gospel, repentance and forgiveness of sins (Acts 5:31), just as the Apostles did.
God bless your worship today!
Pastor Pete

Attached: Sermon outline and Kids Club Family Lesson for this week


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