Turn Satan's Lies Against Him - August 2022

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on August 10, 2022

What are some of the lies Satan tells you?

  • I’m facing all my problems alone!
  • Nothing I do will make a difference.
  • All my troubles prove God is against me.
  • My sins are too many/great for God to forgive.

I’ve heard all these lies and a million more in my heart.

No one has ever told me these things. I would never tell anyone that these statements are true about them.

Yet, Satan whispers lies like these into our hearts so often that we begin to believe them.

Our two lessons for today turn these satanic lies against him. Read 1 Kings 18-19 and Romans 5.

I’m facing all my problems alone!

Is Elijah facing all his problems alone? It would seem so. Yet Obadiah remained a devout believer. God announces there were still 7000 who had not worshipped Baal.

And even if I am all alone in the moment, the LORD who sent down fire on Elijah’s sacrifice is the powerful God who hears my prayers.

Satan, I’m never facing my problems alone. God’s Church remains my family. The Almighty God is with me.

Nothing I do will make a difference.

Elijah goes from a mountaintop experience on Mt. Carmel to the depths of despair on Mt. Horeb. Since nothing Elijah did seemed to make a difference, he was simply ready to give up.

Even mighty prophets waver in their faith. You and I are not the only ones.

God uses us to make a difference far beyond our own lifetimes. Elijah would anoint Elisha as his successor. However, it would be Elisha who would anoint Jehu king of Israel and Hazael king of Aram.

Satan, my life does make a difference! I may not see it in my lifetime, but God’s plans will succeed.

All my troubles prove God is against me.

Satan is right. Before I was even born, God was against me. Paul in Romans 5 says that we were condemned already with Adam’s sin. Adam’s one trespass brought God’s condemnation on me.

But that is only a part of the story. Just as surely as Adam acted in my behalf, so Jesus acted in my behalf. His obedience is credited to my account.

Satan, no matter what happens to me, it doesn’t change what Jesus did. Through Jesus I am at peace with God and he is at peace with me.

My sins are too many for God to forgive.

Satan loves to accuse us of our sin. Yet, the more clearly I see my sins, the more I appreciate God’s grace in Christ. “Where sin increased, grace increased all the more.”  

So Satan, let me see my sin. The bigger the pile of sin, the more I appreciate that Jesus came to take it all away.  

Satan’s lies are a tangled mess in my head, one tied into the next one. I am overwhelmed.

Let’s pull those lies out of the tangle and look at them individually. Let each of those lies remind you of your Savior’s response to those lies.

Satan wants to use lies to destroy your faith. Turn the table on him. Let Satan’s lies deepen your appreciation of God’s grace and his eternal plan for you. Amen.


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