There are no secrets... What a comfort! - May 2021

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on June 03, 2021

In Luke 12:1-21, Jesus speaks of the secrets that often hide in our hearts. Hypocrisy, fear, greed.
We think no one can see our secrets. But God can. There are no secrets from Him.
I’ve learned that Satan loves to make us think that we can hide secrets. Remember in the Garden of Eden? After sin, Adam and Eve thought they could keep it secret from God. The devil’s solution was to hide. God’s solution was to bring the sin out into the open before Him so his children could experience mercy.
I’m not saying that we need to share the dirty laundry of every sin with everyone we meet. But find a faithful Christian friend with whom you can be honest. Let that friend lead you back to the Father who considers you of great worth (“more than many sparrows”), back to the Son who will claim you as his own (“acknowledge you”), back to the Holy Spirit who can change you and use you as His mouthpiece (“the Holy Spirit will teach you”).
In 1 Chronicles 15 & 16 we see how King David learns from his mistakes. Several months prior, he failed to take God’s Word seriously about how to treat the Ark of the Covenant and his friend Uzzah died as a result. This time, he gathers the Levites to bring up the Ark as Moses had commanded. Then he wrote a psalm of thanksgiving. It contains portions from Psalm 105, Psalm 96 and Psalm 104.
Hosanna! “Save us, O God our Savior” (1 Chronicles 16:35). We join with King David, with the Palm Sunday crowds, and with God’s saints across the ages celebrating that our God has come to his people! “Gather us and deliver us!” Amen.


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