The River Moved!

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on January 10, 2020

The Choluteca Bridge in Honduras is a picture of change. In 1998 after Hurricane Mitch dumped up to six feet of rain in some areas, the Choluteca River moved! The bridge is still a beautiful construction. But it has lost its purpose. 

That is the challenge the Christian church is facing today. The church was once the bridge between God and a culture that knew the church was the place to find God. But the cultural currents have changed dramatically over the last couple of decades. In the eyes of many, the church is irrelevant like the Choluteca Bridge. 

How do we share the good news of the kingdom of heaven in a changed culture? Let us Join Jesus on His Mission (Order the book here or watch an 8 minute video introduction here). This week we will study Matthew 4:12-25 and ask the Holy Spirit to grant us a Mission Mindset Change. 

View the first of the Joining Jesus on His Mission message series by clicking here. 

If you can't join us in person, watch The Bridge live on Sunday at 10:15 am (click here)  or on Facebook at The Bridge at St. Paul's. View past services on our The Bridge Church Muskego Youtube Channel.

Dealing with Cancer?

If you are a cancer survivor, are currently battling cancer, or have friends or family members fighting the fight, consider attending the next St. Paul’s Cancer Support Group on Sunday, January 12, at 10:30 am in the church library. May our Father in heaven carry in his arms those who are battling cancer and other illnesses.

School Enrollment Begins

Attached is School Administrator Seth Fitzsimmon's mid-year state of the school report. Enjoy reading of what God has done among us over the last few months and what we see as we consider the future. Remember we are part of the Wisconsin and Milwaukee Parental Choice programs and we offer generous tuition assistance as well. Our goal is that finances never keep a family from enjoying the benefit of Christian education. Open Mr. Fitzsimmon's report to learn more.

This week's St. Paul's News is also attached.

May God keep you safe if you are traveling over the next couple of days. Currently we are planning on our regular schedule of worship services this weekend.

Pastor Pete 


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