The LORD will deliver me & Links to Worship

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on May 09, 2020

Celebrate the faith of young David that gives him courage to face a mighty warrior. God grant us that faith. Read 1 Samuel 17 here.
Today we begin reading Luke’s gospel. (Read Luke 1:1-25 here.) Luke is so much like us. He went on a Journey to the Empty Tomb just like we are doing. He was not an eyewitness, just like us. Instead, he carefully interviewed the witnesses, just like we are doing. Click here to read a short article that provides background to Luke’s ministry. We are reading this gospel now because Luke joined Paul at Troas on Paul’s second missionary journey.

Worship with us this weekend!

This weekend we celebrate the "priestly" work that Christian moms do. Everything that moms (and all of us) do out of love for our Savior is a sacrifice that is acceptable to God. Because of that, even the most mundane daily tasks have eternal meaning!

Thank you for sharing these links with your friends and family and starting watch parties! It is amazing to see how God is using us to bring the comfort of God's Word to people all over the nation! 

The traditional service worship folder and GroupWork for small group and family study are attached. Our Kids Club family lesson is also attached. 

God bless your priestly service (see 1 Peter 2:4-5) today.

Pastor Pete 


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