The Healer's Presence in Pain

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on February 20, 2021

Notice all the pain present in Mark 1:21-45. Demon-possession, sickness, leprosy. We read over these words quickly. How many days, months and years of pain do they represent?

Thankfully, the Healer was present in the midst of that pain. “Jesus healed many who had various diseases. He also drove out many demons.”

In this weekend’s message, we will explore the comfort and the challenge of this truth: The Healer is present in the midst of pain.Read Mark 2:1-12 in preparation for the message.

As we read the Old Testament, we shall see so much pain in the lives of God’s people. The Tabernacle, and later the Temple, was a visible assurance that the Healer is present in the midst of pain. Read about the furnishings of the Tabernacle in Exodus 37-38. Watch yesterday’s video devotion to appreciate the craftsmanship of God’s Old Testament people.

Lutheran Schools Week

In honor of Lutheran Schools Week, Principal Fitzsimmons and Mike Westendorf put together a three minute video celebrating this ministry and more than 100 days of in-person schooling. Watch the video here.

Estate Planning

This weekend, choose a time to meet with Tom Slye, our Estate Coach from SFC Estate Coaching. Listen as Aaron and Jessica tell about their experience with Tom (click here), and then schedule your visit here

Excelerate Open Forums

The pandemic has dramatically changed our ministry. More changes will certainly be coming as, God willing, we enter the post-COVID time. Read the Winter 2021 Messenger attached and then join us for in-person or Zoom open forums the week of February 28 as we make plans to Excelerate into the post-COVID world. 

Also attached are this week’s worship folder with St. Paul’s News and GroupWork and the Kids Club Family Lesson.


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