The Church Gathered and Scattered

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on March 30, 2021

Watch last year's Basket of Marbles Devotion here. 

In the Old Testament Lesson (Deuteronomy 11 & 12)the LORD united his people by reminding of them of a common history and commanding them to have a common place of worship, the tabernacle and later the temple in Jerusalem. 

In the New Testament Lesson (Acts 6:1-7:8), our Savior God begins to scatter the Church. The Lord of the Church calls lay people into ministry. Soon their ministry roles grow, persecution breaks out, and the church spreads. Watch for it in our readings about Stephen and Philip in the next few days.

The Church Gathers and Scatters

A year after COVID shutdown in-person worship, we are beginning to see the church gathering again. Each week we enjoy "post-Covid" attendance records. We will have 14 Holy Week services (see schedule below) to accommodate the church gathering again. 

But I pray we do not lose the blessing of "the church scattered."

Let's not slip back into that Old Testament way of thinking - that God keeps us united by all of us going back to the same place to worship or that "church" is a building and salaried workers do the ministry. 

What unites the Church of the New Testament is our common history of the cross and empty tomb. Men and women "full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom" are scattered in families, groups of friends, places of work.

Wherever the Lord of the Church places us each day, may that be a place where the Church is present as we witness, first by our lives, and then if the Holy Spirit allows, by our words...  a place where we are witnesses to our common history: Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again. Amen. 

Holy Week Services

Our Holy Week Services are: 

The bolded services above are those that will likely have the lower attendance to provide more social distancing.


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