The Apostle John & Ezekiel - Eyewitnesses to Glory

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on December 01, 2020

“His name was Malchus.”
An unnecessary bit of trivia in our New Testament lesson (John 17:20-18:14)? Or another breadcrumb that leads us to the empty tomb?
My daily Bible reading is always a journey to see if the tomb was empty Easter morning. If Jesus has risen, then everything in the Bible is true and trustworthy.  
The Apostle John is the only one of the Gospel writers…

  • who records Malchus’ name,
  • who names Peter as his assailant,
  • who mentions another disciple who “was known to the high priest” who vouched for Peter so that he could enter the courtyard of the high priest (at the beginning of tomorrow’s reading).

These details reveal John as an independent witness. He wrote about 90 AD, decades after Peter had been executed in Rome. John could mention Peter by name without concern that he would be getting Peter into trouble. An eyewitness shares “unnecessary” details like the servant’s name and how Peter got into the courtyard.
John was an eyewitness to Jesus’ “glory” that Jesus wants all of us to see (John 17:24).
John often refers to the “glory of the LORD” to present to us the fact that Jesus is God equal with the Father. Click on this link to study John's use of the term "glory."

Ezekiel also saw “the Glory of the LORD." The Glory of the LORD is seen leaving the temple in the vision of Ezekiel 8-11. In our Old Testament lesson for today (Ezekiel 43-44) Ezekiel sees the Glory of the LORD returning to the temple. 
When was Ezekiel's vision fulfilled?

  • The LORD's glory returned in the early 500’s BC when the temple was rebuilt and the temple worship resumed.  
  • The LORD's glory returned to the temple at Jesus' trial when the Son of God presented himself as our sacrifice for sin.
  • This prophecy will be fulfilled on the last day when we shall see Jesus in all his glory return to take us to his heavenly temple. 

May it also be fulfilled today. May Jesus' prayer (John 17:22-23) be answered in us. May we be one in Christ. May the world see Jesus' glory in our love for one another. Holy Spirit, work in us so that everyone in our area of influence might be eyewitnesses of your glory. Amen. 


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