Table Talk with the Savior - June 2021

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on June 07, 2021

In Luke 14:1-24,  we are privileged to sit at a Sabbath day dinner with Jesus and listen to the table talk. The conversation covers topics like mercy over legalism, humility, generosity and priorities. Important lessons to learn. Difficult lessons to apply to ourselves. Have mercy on us, O Lord!

Our Old Testament lesson completes another skimming section day (1 Chronicles 26-27)  It reminds me of our message series "Mentor." Early in his reign, King David was certainly a "man's man," a warrior who led his troops, powerful in battle. Now, at the end of is reign, his focus shifts from the battlefield to the place of worship.

How can he leave a lasting legacy for generations to come? He can't win the battles of the future, but he can prepare his people for those battles by doing all he can so that future generations know the LORD.

I pray that King David serves as a mentor for all of us in this way. We would like to fight all the battles for our children and grandchildren. We'd like them to have a comfortable, enjoyable life. But they will have to fight their own battles. Let us bless them by giving them a chance to enjoy "table talk" with the Savior. May Jesus use us to lead the next generation into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

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