Preparing the City for the Return of the King

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on November 22, 2020

How do you prepare a city for the return of their King? In our New Testament lesson (read John 12:1-26 here) Mary anointed Jesus and the crowds welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Their King had come! 

God had prepared the city for this event 600 years earlier by the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians (pictured above). By destroying the city and His Temple, God finally got through to the Israelites that he saw and condemned their idolatry. They came back from exile a changed people. On this Christ the King Sunday, we'll talk about that in the message for today (watch the 9:15 Traditional service livestream here or the 10:15 Bridge livestream here). 

In our Old Testament lesson (read Ezekiel 24-26) Ezekiel receives word the final siege of Jerusalem has begun. The siege will last 18 months. The exiles in Babylon to whom Ezekiel speaks will mourn for the sons and daughters they left behind in Jerusalem. 

In Ezekiel 25-26 we begin a section of prophecy against the surrounding nations. At the end of this section (Ezekiel 33) news will arrive that Jerusalem has fallen. Below is a map of some of those nations.



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