"Precious, yet persecuted? I'm confused!" and News

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on January 15, 2021

Lord, I’m confused by the way you treat me.
Jesus sent out the disciples on a missionary journey in Matthew 10. At the conclusion of their commissioning (the first paragraph of today’s lesson Matthew 10:40-11:19), he promises that anyone who helps them simply by giving them a cup of cold water will be remembered by God. So great is the worth of God’s messenger in the sight of their God.
In the very next chapter, the messenger foretold in the Old Testament is cast into prison and ultimately will be executed.
How can both be true? Precious, yet persecuted.
The same is true in our Old Testament reading (Genesis 37). Joseph receives dreams that reveal how important he will be in God’s plans. Then he is sold into slavery in Egypt.
How can both be true? Precious, yet persecuted.
Lord, I’m confused. You say that we are precious to you as your saints, holy because Jesus paid for all our sins. You say that we are the apple of your eye, yet I see so many of your children suffer.
How can both be true? Precious, yet persecuted.
When these questions rise in our minds, let us follow John the Baptist’s example. Let us come to Jesus with the question, “Are you the one who was to come?” Is all this true? Then “see” in our daily Bible reading the miracles that confirm Jesus is the Savior. 
We know we are precious to God, not because of what we experience, but because of what Jesus experienced for us.
Persecuted, yet precious. Amen.

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You are precious to your God. May we rejoice in this truth today.

Pastor Pete 


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