Prayer is Powerful! Chess and the Kingdom

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on June 24, 2017

You can’t play chess without losing pawns. The goal is not to protect every piece, but to protect the king and to capture your opponent’s king.

A good chess player is always looking ahead as far as possible, considering her next moves and her opponent’s next moves.

Chess comes to my mind as we listen to the prayer of the early church in Acts 4. It is the first time the apostles are arrested for talking about Jesus.

The Apostles Remembered the Goal

The apostles didn’t pray, “Lord, protect us at all costs. Don’t lose any pawns!” Instead they focused on the ultimate goal… more people in God’s kingdom through faith in Jesus.

The Apostles Trusted that God was Looking Ahead

The apostles knew that everything was happening according to God’s plan. God’s ability to plan out his moves and to foresee his opponents’ next moves, gave the apostles courage.

We Know Who Wins the Game

This weekend as we pray “Your Kingdom Come,” may we do so with the same confidence of the apostles. We may suffer some loses. We may lose some “pawns,” but we know that God will win the game. His Kingdom certainly comes. May His Kingdom come to us and through us to many others.

Can I Borrow Your Chess Game?

If you have a chess game, could you bring it to the Trinity Café Sunday morning? In The Bridge setting we can have a number of chess games set up in the back to help us remember that we know who wins the game. Thanks for your help!

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Enjoy a beautiful weekend!

Pastor Pete


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