Our God is concerned about the little things...

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on April 03, 2020

Click the image above to watch today's devotion about The Little Things.

Our Old Testament reading (click here to read Deuteronomy 22-23reminds us that our God is concerned about the little things in life. There are some very important issues that God's Old Testament civil or governmental laws covered like laws to protect marriage. But God also had laws about some very little things in life. This isn't part of the Old Testament that I would read to my kids, but if I had, my kids would have started to snicker reading Deuteronomy 23:12-14 at the kitchen table. 

Our New Testament reading (click here to read Acts 8:26-40) also reminds us that God is concerned about the little things. He directs a missionary to leave a promising mission field to serve one person. Our God is concerned about you!

Holy Week Worship

Our Palm Sunday Traditional worship will be available by Saturday evening at 5 pm at StPaulMuskego.org/Online-Worship/.

The Bridge will be livestreamed on Sunday at 10:15 am.

Next week we will provide a Maundy Thursday devotion, a Good Friday service based on the Seven Words from the Cross, and an Easter Festival service and a Bridge service. 

Palm Sunday Devotional

Our Synod President Mark Schroeder will share a Palm Sunday message on Sunday evening at 6 pm Central Time. You can watch it here.

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God bless your service to the Savior. If you are out in the public in essential jobs, and especially those of you serving in our hospitals, may God keep you safe. If you are trying to work from home and teach your kids at the same time, God grant you wisdom to provide the help your kids need. For those of you all alone at home, thank you for serving others by uniting with them in prayer. What a blessing that even though separated, we serve our Savior together.

Pastor Pete


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