Our Default Setting - January 2023

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on January 23, 2023

DEFAULT SETTING (noun): a setting automatically given to a program or device; someone's normal behavior and reactions.

In our Old Testament reading (Job 4-6), Job's friends speak out of their sinful default setting. They begin their accusations. "Bad things have happened to you Job because you did bad things." Job pushes back--I'm innocent! Sadly, the default setting of our sinful nature remains the same in us. Our sinful nature so quickly stands in judgment of others.

That default setting is evident in today's New Testament reading (Matthew 15:1-20), Jesus also deals with that pharisaical, judgmental attitude. Out of our hearts, by sinful default, come all kinds of sins, especially slander.

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, and work in our hearts that we might be true friends to those in need. Help us see the default setting of judgment and sin that is present in our own hearts. Help us see the compassion that Jesus has for sinners like us. Help us trust the Father's loving care even in the midst of pain and sorrow. May that humility, that certainty of forgiveness, and that trust in God's wisdom prepare us to be good, comforting friends to those in need around us. Amen.


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