Memorial Day... Remembrance Day

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on May 26, 2017

A great people remember...

  • They remember the men and women who sacrificed their lives so that we might be free.
  • They remember the men and women who have served in the military, especially those who bear the physical and psychological scars of battle.
  • They remember the men and women who are currently serving their nation to keep us safe from tyranny and terrorism.
  • They remember the sacrifices of the family members of all these men and women... the countless times they fervently wished their loved ones could be with them, the lonely hours, the departures and the longed for returns.

As we begin this Memorial Day weekend, we pause to thank you, Gracious Father, for all these sacrifices and for blessings you have bestowed upon our nation. Grant healing and strength to those who are in pain. Give success to all those who continue to serve and keep them safe on their dangerous missions. Amen.

A great people remember...

  • The sacrifice that the Savior paid to free us from the fear of unforgiven sin.
  • The sacrifice that men and women of the past like Gideon made to protect God's people.
  • The sacrifice that each of us is called to make so that more people can experience the gospel freedom we enjoy.

Remember with us this weekend...

Join us in our weekend worship as we honor our men and women who have served and as we remember Gideon and learn from him what might be holding us back from our own faithful service to the Savior. Watch the first message about Gideon here.

Remember Saturday @ 5 pm
Remember Sunday @ 7:45, 9:15, & 10:45 am
Remember at The Bridge Sunday @ 10:15 am
Confession and Communion service at 9:45 am

Childcare for infant through four years old is available at every Sunday service except 7:45 am.

Everyone Worship...

On Easter 2,071 people gathered to remember Christ's victory and ours. Let every Sunday be an Easter...

If you can't join us in worship this weekend

  • Check out the WELS Locator to find a church near you this weekend.
  • Or join us on Wednesday @ 7 pm
  • Or join our growing online congregation... 139 individuals joined us live or to watch a recorded message last week!

Could this weekend by like Easter? Could 2071 people join us in remembering... this weekend and every weekend? Are you willing to join us in prayer for that kind of miracle? if so, contact us and simply write "Prayer Warrior." Honored to serve a great people who remember... their men and women in service and the God who has served them!

Pastor Pete
for the Ministerial Team


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