Maundy Thursday Devotion

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on April 01, 2021

In Deuteronomy 16-18 Moses continues to prepare God's people to enter the Promised Land, teaching them how they will celebrate the three major festivals of the Old Testament and the three major leadership roles.


  • Passover - a spring celebration of remembrance of the rescue from Egypt, a foretaste of the remembrance meal we celebrate on Maundy Thursday.
  • Pentecost (Festival of Weeks) - a celebration of generosity at the close of the small grain harvest 
  • Festival of Tabernacles - a celebration of joy in the fall of the year at the conclusion of the threshing of the small grain and the gathering of the grapes and other fruit. They have reason for joy because of they are home in the Promised Land. 

Leadership Roles or Offices

  • The King - notice the importance of a leader being a student of God's Word.
  • The Priest - has the privilege of ministering before the LORD in the temple
  • The Prophet - who must speak God's Word faithfully. 

Jesus fulfills each of these roles for us. In fact, in Acts 7:37-60Stephen quotes Moses' promise about Jesus as the Prophet. 

In Stephen, we see that each of these roles is also fulfilled in us who believe in the King/Prophet/Priest. 

  • May we serve as prophets to our contemporaries.
  • May we understand our role as priests, offering our entire lives in service to our Savior. 
  • May we see clearly that because Jesus is ruling as King at the right hand of God, we too rule as God's royalty (Revelation 22:5). Not even death can dethrone us (Revelation 20:4). 

The death of Stephen at the end of Acts 7 has become one of my favorite accounts, reminding me that I am never alone. That was the focus of the devotion I recorded last year. Watch it here.

Holy Week Worship

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