Love Uncomfortably and St. Paul's News

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on January 08, 2021

“God, you are asking too much!” Abraham would have had good reason to say that.
“I waited 25 years for this son. He is the son through whom all your promises are supposed to be fulfilled. I’ve placed every hope and dream for the future on this child. You can’t ask me to give him up.”  
Upon what are your hopes and dreams built? What would be “too much” if the Lord asked you to give it up?  
It is a simple First Commandment question. What do you love more than God? Read Genesis 22-23 where Abraham first has to deal with the thought of losing his child and then does lose is wife.
What would be “too much” if the Lord asked you to give it up? Jesus asks in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:16-34). What is your treasure that becomes your master rather than the Savior?
My mind goes back to the book IJesus + Nothing = Everything. What in my mind and heart do I add to Jesus to have “everything”?
What a comfort to hear Jesus call his disciples “You of little faith.” That’s me. That’s you. Yet he continued to love them and love us.

  • Jesus knew the equation: Jesus + Nothing = Everything.
  • Jesus knew that we could not offer God the love that he deserves.
  • Jesus knew we could bring nothing to the equation.

Jesus supplied everything. The perfect love for God that the law demands. The perfect love of sacrifice that suffered the sentence of the death we deserved.
May our readings lead us to claim again this truth: Jesus + Nothing = Everything.
Love Uncomfortably
When Jesus is our “everything,” we are in a position to sacrifice ourselves for others. This weekend we will consider the theme Love Uncomfortably as we study 1 Corinthians 9.

St. Paul’s News
Attached is the “News” portion of the worship folder. Check out:

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Your brother in Christ
Pastor Pete 


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