Life Can Change Quickly

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on April 06, 2021

In this past year, we have seen how quickly life can change. That is the LORD’s warning in Deuteronomy 28. As Moses brings his farewell sermon to a close, the LORD provides horrible details of what will happen if his people turn away from him. It is a tragic prophecy fulfilled in the pages of the Old Testament. As we read this history, may we take warning that the LORD who is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abound in love, is also the God who will not leave the guilty unpunished. May we humble ourselves before him and in faith obey his commands.

In Acts 10, life is also changing for the Apostle Peter. The Holy Spirit is making it clear that the gospel is for all people. In following that call, Peter takes risks to share his eyewitness testimony: Jesus’ miracles, his death on the “tree” of the cross, his resurrection… and that there is forgiveness in Jesus’ name for sinners like us! The lesson challenges me… who are the “Gentiles” of today that the church needs to stop dismissing as "lost causes" and instead see them as a mission field? What am I willing to risk to witness to Jesus’ death and resurrection?
May God keep us faithful to our Savior God and give us courage to share his good news of forgiveness. Amen.


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