Let your face reflect the Lord's glory

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on July 26, 2020

Today's New Testament lesson (find 2 Corinthians 3:7-4:6 here) references Moses' face that reflected the Lord's glory. (Read Exodus 34:29-35 for the background.Moses' ministry of the Law was glorious. Our gospel ministry is even more glorious. The Lord's saving glory is reflected from us to those around us. 

Part of that glory is the changed use of our tongue  Much of today's Old Testament lesson (read Proverbs 16-18 here) speaks of using our tongue to bless or to curse. I especially appreciate the references to kings. When you see the word "king," think "boss" or "employer" or "parent." Our words, when we speak in those roles, are powerful. All the more reason to pray: Come, Lord Jesus, and tame our tongue that you might use us to build others up rather than tear them down. Amen. 

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Thirteen 22 Society
“A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children” (Proverbs 13:22). Our Gift Trust Fund/Legacy Fund Committee chose that verse as its motto and theme. We want to help people prepare estate plans. We invite you to join a free 45 minute Zoom meeting on Thursday, July 31 at 7 pm to learn how SFC Estate Coaching can help you fulfill your desire to develop an estate plan. Here is the link.

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God bless your weekend!

Pastor Pete 


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