Let us join together in prayer

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on March 22, 2020

The early Christians joined constantly together in prayer (click here to read Acts 1:1-14).
As we read through Paul’s letters in the coming months, you will notice how often Paul prays for Christians separated from him by a thousand miles. He also celebrates their prayers for him and requests prayers.

Isn't that to something to celebrate? Social distancing does not make joint prayer impossible! Let us join together this morning in prayer.
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The Old Testament Lesson
Our reading today (click here to read Numbers 28-31) raises many difficult questions about the role of women in Israelite society and the conduct of war. As you read these sections, recognize that the culture in which we live would likely seem as strange to God’s Old Testament people as theirs does to us.
Numbers 29 seems gruesome to us with all its animal sacrifices because most of us have never slaughtered an animal. Slaughtering your own food was a daily part of life in ancient Israel.
We read Numbers 30 and see women not having equal rights. In their culture they would have read it as the call for husbands to protect their wives and underage girls. It was a call for husbands to step up and be the spiritual leaders of their families.
Numbers 31 again seems horribly gruesome, but God was using the Israelites to bring His judgment on these ungodly nations.
Our natural tendency is toward cultural arrogance – that our culture is more advanced and better than a past one. But could God’s people of 1400 BC stand in judgment over our culture?  
Do we lack the commitment to worship that they showed in the festivals of Numbers 29?
Does our culture truly value women more than the past when sex is used to sell products and entertain?
Are we in a position to judge the conduct of war when millions have died in war in the last century?
Let us read sections like this in a spirit of humility. Honestly, there is much that I don’t understand, much that seems repugnant to me. But there is so much that I do not know. In humility I stand before the Holy Spirit who inspired these chapters. If I accept the easy and wonderful chapters (Jesus’ resurrection and ascension) as God’s inspired Word how can I not also accept these difficult and confusing chapters as God’s inspired Word?
Thanks for joining with me in prayer that the Holy Spirit bless our personal worship as we read God’s Word and may He bless our public worship as we join together in our online worship.
Pastor Pete

PS. The message for today is attached. Please print it and share it with family and friends who do not have internet access. Thanks! 


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