Learn from a Skilled Craftsman and St. Paul's News

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on February 19, 2021

Our Old Testament lesson Exodus 35-36 speaks about skilled craftsmen. For many years I wondered how former slaves could make the tabernacle and all its furnishings. A visit to Egypt allowed me to see that these former Israelite slaves sat at the feet of masters from whom they learned the skills necessary. Watch today's devotion here. 

Just as the Israelites learned from skilled craftsmen, so can we. During the season of Lent, not only does our daily Bible reading plan (attached) lead us through the Gospel of Mark, our message series does too. On Sundays we will read Mark 1-11 and on Wednesdays we will read Mark 14-15. As we read Mark, we have the privilege of learning from another skilled craftsman, the Apostle Peter. Let's begin our apprenticeship by reading Mark 1:1-20. 

St. Paul's News

  • We bring Lutheran School's Week to an end today. We rejoice that over 98% of our students have reenrolled - a record! Schedule a tour for yourself here. Share the link with a friend. 
  • Our Child Care Center has openings for 1 toddler (Age 2+) and 1 Infant (6 weeks - Age1). Call Tammy at 414- 422-0320 X 200 or email for more information.
  • Estate Planning - Do you have a will? Have you reviewed it recently? Listen as Aaron and Jessica tell about their experience with Estate Planning Coach Tom Slye (click here)Then schedule a visit with Tom here. There is only one time slot available next Thursday. There are a number of times available in March. This estate coaching is provided to you by a grant from St. Paul's Legacy Fund. 
  • See below for a presentation Thursday evening from our Community Counseling and Care Center.


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