"Is there no balm in Gilead?"

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on October 18, 2020

There was no healing balm for God's people in our Old Testament reading (find Jeremiah 7-8 here).  They were going through the motions. The temple worship continued, but their hearts were far from the Lord. They cared nothing for the poor and oppressed in the land. Our reading ends with the question: "Is there no balm in Gilead?" Is there nothing to bring healing to God's people?

Our New Testament lesson (find Hebrews 7:11-8:6 here)  announces that healing balm. We have a high priest in the order of Melchizedek, a high priest who does not need to sacrifice animals over and over. He sacrificed himself once for all. In him we have healing. 

Here is a link to this comforting song. "There is a balm in Gilead" that brings healing to our sin-sick souls.


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God bless your worship!

Pastor Pete 


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