History Helps Us on Our Journey to the Empty Tomb

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on May 08, 2020

Click here to join us in the history classroom for a short introduction to our readings for today. 

75 Years Ago - V-E Day - Victory in Europe

Today we honor our oldest surviving veterans as we join with them in celebrating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe by ringing the church bells at 1 pm today.  

History's Role in our Journey to the Empty Tomb

Just as recent history helps put our own struggles into perspecive, ancient history does the same.

Today we read the rejection of one Israelite king and the anointing of a new (read 1 Samuel 15-16 here).  As we begin reading about a long list of kings, we shall see they had strengths and weaknesses just as we do. We will see God's Law and Gospel in action. Hardened sinners rejected. Fallen sinners restored. Flawed saints used by God to bless others. God's grace to them comforts us as we flawed saints seek to serve the King who won the victory for us. 

In Acts 18 (read here) history again comes to the foreground. Luke, the author, mentions the proconsul Gallio. From secular history we know that he served as proconsul in Corinth from 51/52 AD. Luke isn't tell us a story about Paul's missionary journey. He too is recording history--the history of the witnesses to Jesus' resurrection. They would not and could not deny this truth: The Tomb is Empty!  

Thank You Teachers

This past week our parents and children have been honoring their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. The teachers in our school produced a short thank you to our parents who are also doing an excellent job teaching their children through online learning. Click here to enjoy this short video. 

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Pastor Pete


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