Follow the Links All the Way to the Empty Tomb - March 2023

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on March 23, 2023

Watch “The Paper Chain” devotion here. 

In Acts 1:15-2:13, I see a number of links in a chain that connects us to the Empty Tomb. 

  • Peter reveals his faith in the inspiration of the Bible. The Holy Spirit spoke through King David.
  • We see prophecy and fulfillment. Judas’ betrayal foretold in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New.
  • The apostles’ calling to be a witness to Jesus’ resurrection. They faced imprisonment and death because they could not deny what they had seen. Jesus had been dead and now he is alive.  

Even in our Old Testament lesson for today (Numbers 32-33) I see those links. There is something unheard of in ancient writing: the author admits his mistake. Moses jumped to conclusions about the 2½ tribes that wanted to settle on the east side of the Jordan River. The Holy Spirit allows us to see that no one, not even a great leader like Moses, was perfect. Even in this bit of history, we see Law and Gospel, the need for the cross and the empty tomb.  

Numbers 33 is one of those “skim through quickly” chapters, a long list of place names, most of which we cannot locate today. Why did Moses record this list? Moses was recording history.

You and I believe in a God of history. The rescue of the Israelites from Egypt and their entrance into Promised Land was history. Jesus’ cross and empty tomb are history.

Each historical event is a link that connects us to the God who forgives and the God who fulfills his promises.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, open our eyes as we read your Word so that every day we see new links in the chain that leads back to you. Amen.


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