Fix our Eyes on Jesus

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on October 24, 2020

Our Old Testament reading (find Jeremiah 22-23 here) references some of the last kings of Judah.

  • Josiah was the godly king as Jeremiah began his ministry. He was killed in the battle of Megiddo before the time of this reading (609 BC). Three of Josiah’s sons ruled as king after him.
  • Jehoahaz (called Shallum in this reading) ruled just three months and then was deposed by the king of Egypt.
  • Jehoiakim was appointed king by the Egyptians, but when Nebuchadnezzar, king Babylon attacked, he became Nebuchadnezzar’s vassal. He rebelled and was taken into exile to Babylon. Jeremiah foretells his capture in this chapter.
  • Jehoiachin then ruled three months. He was taken into exile in Babylon at the age of 18. None of his children would rule on David’s throne. However, he was not put to death in Babylon. At the end of 2 Kings 25, Jehoiachin was released from prison. His descendants returned to Israel and ultimately became the ancestors of our Savior.

These evil kings are set up in contrast to the Branch from David’s line foretold in Jeremiah 23. Jesus is “The LORD our Righteousness” who is able to bring peace to our hearts even in the darkest times.
Our New Testament lesson (find Hebrews 11:36-12:17 here) encourages us to recognize God’s loving hand even in the suffering of this life. The false prophets of Jeremiah’s day proclaimed peace and safety. The false prophets of our day can lead us into thinking that believers will enjoy peace and security in this life if we just believe hard enough. The reality is our God sends troubles to discipline us and keep us close to him.
In pain and hardship, let us fix our eyes on Jesus!
Worship with Us

We will conclude our Unexpected message series this weekend. The text is the Parable of the Wedding Garment (read Matthew 22:1-14 here). Find all our online services by clicking here.

We continue our regular schedule of in-person services. This weekend we have communion in all our traditional services and communion 30 minutes before the Bridge service. Click here for times. There is room in all our services for more people to attend and still maintain social distance. If you would like a service that provides maximum social distance, I would recommend the Sunday 10:45 am and the Wednesday 7 pm services because these have the lowest attendance.  

God bless your weekend!

Pastor Pete 


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