Expand your influence for Christ's Kingdom

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on August 13, 2019

Everyone has influence.

When you are influencing someone - whether it be as a parent, as a co-worker, as a volunteer at church, or in your neighborhood - you are serving as a leader.

Our mission is that By every possible means we bring everyone within our area of influence  closer to Christ. 

As we expand our area of influence, we have more opportunities to fulfill our mission. 

Because of that, I would encourage everyone to grow in your leadership skills by attending the 2020 Global Leadership Summit  on Thursday & Friday, August 6 & 7, 2020. 

If you register by the end of the day Thursday, August 15th, you will lock in the lowest price ($99) and gain access to the GLSnext Premium App that allows you to view the leadership presentations from the past few years and a free year-long subscription to ReadItFor.Me, that provides three summaries of books every month. 

REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE.  Use Priority Code PV2020. 

This year about 50 of us enjoyed the simulcast in our Grace Room. We pray that our attendance increases so that we will need to use the Trinity Gym. 

God bless you as you expand your influence to bring more people closer to Christ.

Pastor Pete

[2019 GLS Quotes and Registration Information.pdf]


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