Enjoy a Game of Hide and Seek!

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on May 05, 2020

If you have children or grandchildren in your household, enjoy a game of hide and seek sometime today. It will remind you that YOUR SAVIOR WILL FIND YOU! 
Saul’s donkeys were playing hide and seek. Later, Saul is playing hide and seek. The LORD was able to find them both. 
Saul was an unlikely candidate to be the first king of Israel. He was from the small tribe of Benjamin. He had no leadership training. He had good reason to hide from the responsibility that the LORD wanted to place upon his shoulders. But “God changed Saul’s heart.”
That’s what our God does – He finds unlikely candidates like us, changes our hearts, and uses us to advance his Kingdom. To God be the glory! Read 1 Samuel 9-10 by clicking here.
The Savior used torture and imprisonment in Paul's life so that He could find a jailer in Philippi and bring salvation to him and his entire household.

You have a Savior who can use horrible events in your life to bring salvation to others. God grant us faith in the midst of our troubles to be “praying and singing hymns to God.” People will notice, and the Savior will find more people through us. To God be the glory! Read Acts 16:16-34 by clicking here.

Why I reread the Bible every year...

Attached is the daily Bible reading plan that I have used for many years. Today's readings illustrate why I never am "done" reading the Bible. I'm facing challenges as a pastor that I could have never imagined last year. I'm not up to the task! The reading today reminded me that the LORD found me and placed me where I'm at right now. The Spirit of the LORD that came upon Saul is also the Spirit of the LORD that has come upon me. I am not up to the challenges I face today, but the LORD is.

Last year at this time, none of us knew the COVID-19 troubles we are experiencing now. But as I read again the account of Paul and Silas in prison and God's use of that trouble to bring the jailer to faith, I am reminded that this COVID-19 trouble is part of our Savior's plan to reach more people for Christ. 

What will be facing on May 5, 2021? They will be different than today. And I'll read these same lessons and find new applications to comfort and encourage me. 

I pray that you join me on this daily journey into God's Word.

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Pete


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