Easter Afterglow

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on April 13, 2020

Our church was beautiful for Easter! Since you couldn't be here to see it, Heidi, who did the decorating, took pictures to share. See the attached file to see a dozen more pictures. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

Reliving the Joy of Easter

During this week, I'll link you to different parts of our Good Friday and Easter services to give you a chance to continue to celebrate. Click here to view the devotion: "If the tomb is empty, then why are you crying?"

Thank you for sharing the good news!

It was amazing to see that thousands of people were blessed by our Holy Week services. Thanks for sharing the links and starting watch parties. Here are the links (click service titles below) and a few quick stats:

"The Three Tables" Maundy Thursday Devotion: 460 views

"Seven Candles--Seven Words" Good Friday Service: Over 2000 views on all our platforms

"Seven Candles--Seven Words" Easter Dawn Service: Almost 1200 views 

Easter at The Bridge: 583 live viewers from 20 states and another 1300 views after the service was over.

Old Testament Lesson: "They did not inquire of the LORD."
Joshua 9-10 (read here) records a failure by the leaders of God’s people. This is another of those accounts that shows the difference between most ancient history and this history of God’s people. Rather than cover up the leaders’ failure, the failure is admitted as a chance to proclaim law and gospel.
In spite of that failure, the LORD blesses his people with miraculous victories as we hear a very quick account of the middle and southern military campaigns to conquer the promised land.
New Testament Lesson: To the Scattered Church
One of the benefits of our Bible reading pattern is that we read the letters of the New Testament in the chronological order in which they were written. The author of James (read James 1 here) is a brother or relative of our Lord Jesus who became a leader of the church in Jerusalem. It is estimated that James wrote about 15 years after Jesus’ resurrection (about 45 AD) to Jewish Christians who are scattered around the Mediterranean world. We live in a church scattered by COVID-19. Let us “inquire of the LORD” as we read James, asking the Holy Spirit to allow us to see applications from the First Century scattered church to our own.

The "Journey to the Empty Tomb" daily Bible reading is attached. If you have questions about what you have read, don't be afraid to ask me.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Pastor Pete


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