Daily Devotion - Darkness and Light

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on April 25, 2020

We are about to enter the darkest period of Old Testament history. Be prepared for horrible depravity as people lose connection with their Savior God. Judges ends with this judgment: “Everyone did as he saw fit.” Reading the last half of Judges is a call to each of us – “Stay Connected to Jesus!”


Read Judges 10-11 here. We enter the darkness as the Israelites turn from trusting in the LORD to save them and instead choose as their savior a man who is a leader of “a gang of worthless men [who]… went out on raids with him” (Judges 11:3 EHV). When the LORD gives them victory, you will be shocked at Jephthah’s twisted sense of honor and devotion to God.


In contrast to that darkness, enjoy the light of Life that is evident in the Christian congregation in Thessalonica (read 1 Thessalonians 1:1-2:12 here). Paul founded this congregation on his second missionary journey (Acts 17:1-9). Persecution forces Paul to flee the city in just a few short weeks, but a congregation filled with faith, love and hope is formed. Paul continues his missionary journey to Greece and from Corinth in 51 or 52 AD writes to these Christians who live with the eager expectation that Jesus will return. May we live with that eager expectation as well.

Online Worship

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May God richly bless your worship of the Savior as you "Stay Connected to Jesus."

Pastor Pete


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