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by Pastor Pete Panitzke on January 31, 2020

This weekend we begin an “Historical Apologetics” message series. “Apologetics” refers to a defense of the faith. The goal of apologetics isn’t to reason someone into faith in Jesus, but rather to deal with some of the issues that might keep a person from even listening to the Christian message.
Today the Christian faith is often viewed negatively. But a study of history reveals that when Christianity becomes the dominate faith in a culture, you see positive cultural shifts.
Over the next few weeks we will look at the following cultural shifts:

  • When Children Became People (Feb 2)
  • When Women Became Precious (Feb 9)
  • When Men Became Sacrificial (Feb 16) 
  • When Work Became Worship (Feb 23)

The title for this week’s message comes from the book When Children Became People: The Birth of Childhood in Early Christianity by O.M. Bakke, a revision of his doctoral thesis. The Augsburg Fortress order page gives this summary: 
Bakke paints a fascinating picture of children's first real emergence as people against a backdrop of the ancient world.

Using theological and social history research, Bakke compares Greco-Roman and Christian attitudes toward abortion and child prostitution, pedagogy and moral upbringing, and the involvement of children in liturgy and church life. He also assesses Christian attitudes toward children in the church's developing doctrinal commitments.

Today, growing numbers of children are impoverished, exploited, abandoned, orphaned, or killed. Bakke's insightful work begins to untangle the roots of their complex plight.

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We Love Children

A week ago UNITY (our parent/teacher organization) invited grandparents to join their children for a pancake breakfast and more. Enjoy a three minute video recap here. Thank you UNITY!

We invite you to enroll your children (3K - 6th grade) in Sunday Morning Kids Club (find more information here).

Enrollment for next fall in our 3K - 8th grade Christian elementary school is also open. Schedule a tour with our principal. The worship folder attached includes information about the Parental Choice programs and tuition assistance through which we strive to make Christian education financially accessible to every family. 

Following the Promise Bible Study

Pastor Nate is beginning a new Bible study in February. This is a great place to get to know Jesus better, have your questions answered, and get more connected here at St. Paul's. I so appreciated what three recent participants wrote or said:

  • "Prayers of thanks for being a member of St. Paul's. It is everything I need and have never felt closer to God. Thank you!"
  • "Prayers of thanks for bringing me to St. Paul's church."
  • "I know I need to continue my walk with Jesus." 

If you are interested in this study or know someone who would be, email Pastor Nate at  

Facebook Live

Mike Westendorf and I just tried something new - answering a couple of questions that were texted to us in a recent message. Check it out here and share with your friends. Thanks!

May God grant you a Super Weekend!

Pastor Pete 


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