Choosing Your Team - May 2023

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on May 20, 2023

I enjoy the Capital One commercial where Charles Barkley is picked first in a pick-up game of basketball. Some choices are easy.

In contrast, I see in our New Testament lesson (Luke 6:1-19) the Savior making a choice that is not so easy. He is going to choose the 12 who will be his disciples, his starting team. What does he do beforehand? He spends the night in prayer.

By reading God’s Word daily, we are walking with Jesus, watching and learning. Today I am reminded of the importance and power of prayer as we pick leaders.

Do we need God’s blessings on the men who have been elected to our Ministry Board to lead our congregation? Then let us pray.

Do we need leaders of more ministries (support groups, small group Bible studies, service groups)? Then let us pray.

Do we need more pastors and teachers and staff ministers and Christian counselors in our church body? Then let us pray.

Let us pray that the workers the Lord provides in answer to our prayer keep their focus on the main thing. The Pharisees in the gospel lesson focused on “the fine print.” Notice twice their concern is all about the Sabbath day. May our leaders keep their focus on the Savior and on his mercy.

Sadly our Old Testament lesson (1 Chronicles 9-10) serves as a warning that even leaders for whom we ask and pray can fall. The theme of the Chronicler is found the concluding verses: “Saul died because he was unfaithful to the LORD.” Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will keep our leaders faithful to the LORD, that they keep the main thing the main thing, that daily they choose Jesus. Amen. 


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