Can you recognize someone who is asymptomatic?

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on May 19, 2020

The frightening thing about COVID-19 is that you can be infected but be “asymptomatic.” There are no outward signs that you are infected.
There was a disease that was infecting people in Galilee, but most people couldn’t see it. Thankfully, Jesus could recognize the asymptomatic.
Read Luke 5:17-39 (click here).

  • There was a paralyzed man. His need was obvious. But Jesus saw the "asymptomatic" greater need. “Your sins are forgiven.”
  • There was a tax collector who seemed to have everything that he needed. But Jesus saw what others did not. A spiritual disease that appeared "asymptomatic" to others. “Follow me,” he said.
  • People liked “the good old days” of fasting and stood in judgment over Jesus and his disciples. But Jesus saw what others could not – that the Cure was present. Everything had changed.

Others may look at our lives and see us as “asymptomatic.” They don’t see that our greatest need is the unconditional acceptance of a God who has every reason to reject us. Others may put us on a pedestal, but may we humbly accept our Savior’s diagnosis – sinner in need of God’s grace. “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

An Old Testament Cure for the Asymptomatic

Our Old Testament reading is another two chapters of skimming over names (find 1 Chronicles 7-8 here). I recognize very new names in these chapters. But then my eyes came to the first verse of chapter 9:“All Israel was listed in the genealogies recorded in the book of the kings of Israel.” This is another reminder to me that the Chronicler (probably Ezra about 450 BC) was a careful historian. He went back to the source material. All these names we skimmed over… the author didn’t make them up. They are a quick summary of centuries of history – a history of God’s people who are not forgotten by our God. 
God is dealing with a couple of “asymptomatic” issues that I deal with.  Others may see a confident pastor, but there are always these questions:

  • Are the accounts in this book really true? Can I base my hope for life and for eternity on these accounts?
  • Does everything I do really make a difference?

Oddly enough, the Savior knew of these needs 2500 years ago and arranged that I would have these chapters before me today to assure me. "It is true. Your labor in the Lord is never forgotten by your God."
Thank you Doctor Jesus, for foreseeing my symptoms and granting me healing. Amen.

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God bless your service to the Savior today.

Pastor Pete


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