Awake and Alive and Last Message about Gideon

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on June 09, 2017

Awake and Alive - Serving the 18 to 25 year old generation

Our first Awake and Alive session begins with supper at 5 pm this Sunday, June 11. Watch a short intro video here. For more information about Awake and Alive click here.

Gideon's Gaffe Join us this weekend as we finish our four part-message series on Gideon. Sadly, this week we see a successful Gideon stumble as he inadvertently makes an idol that has disastrous effects on his family and his nation. Prepare for the message by reading the account here. "These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings to us" (1 Corinthians 10:11). May the Spirit keep us from following Gideon's Gaffe. Watch previous messages here:

  1. Gideon's Gig
  2. Gideon's Gambit
  3. Gideon's Guerillas

What us live on Sunday at 10:15 am here.

Celebrate What Our God Has Done!

We are blessed to support ministries that change lives!

Watch a short video about Wisconsin Lutheran High School here and celebrate that you are part of this ministry! Latest developments about a new high school Kingdom Prep are included in the delegate meeting summary.

This past week we were at our District Convention and heard amazing statistics about what we as a church body are doing around the world! Here is a snippet of what our World Missions department does in 23 countries!

  • serves 79,780 baptized members in Lutheran churches;
  • serves 60,000 more souls through correspondence and workshops;
  • is training more than 160 men to become pastors in their own countries;
  • is assisting national pastors to train hundreds of people to be Sunday school teachers, liturgists, evangelists, and leaders in congregations in their home countries;
  • is exploring outreach possibilities in 14 additional countries;
  • supports 38 missionaries, 9 teachers, and more than 60 lay workers in our missions; and
  • is reaching more than 1,000,000 via Internet outreach.

(Statistics from WELS Annual Report) Our Amazing God is doing Amazing Things through his Amazing People... God's people perfectly forgiven and filled with the Holy Spirit!

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Pete


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