Are you a worrier, a warrior, or a misfit?

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on June 02, 2017

I needed to hear Pastor Bonack’s message this past week. I saw it by living streaming the Bridge on Sunday at 10:15 am. Then at our Wednesday 7 pm service I joined 50 of my brothers and sisters in worship to hear it again. Watch it here or listen to a podcast here.

Why did I need to hear it? The message helped me to see the idols that I need to smash if I am going to be a warrior in God’s army. If I am to lead others to Christ, I first have to see the false gods that give me a false hope. The first battle to be waged is the one within my own heart. Thanks be to God! We have the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 7:14-8:1).

By smashing the idols in my own heart, I shift from being a worrier to a warrior.

In our lesson for this weekend (Judges 6:33-7:25), Gideon’s army is too big, so God slims it down to 300 by choosing the misfits who lap water like a dog. Then God used these misfits powerfully in his kingdom work!

Now I want to shift from being simply a warrior to a misfit.

This week, a member of my small group mentioned she is going to hear a presentation about the Amish. Most people don’t want to be Amish. They are “misfits” in our society. But they are honored as individuals with integrity and courage to follow their conscience rather than the world around them.

I want to be a “misfit” in our world. I don’t want to be Amish, but I do want people to see that there is a reason for my hope (1 Peter 3:15). I want to live in a way that my non-Christian friends and my fallen-away friends are intrigued by what makes me willing to be a “misfit” in a troubled world.

Misfits have an “Easter Every Sunday” mindset.

The courage to be this kind of misfit doesn’t come naturally. And this courage quickly leaks out like air out of a balloon. That’s why our God commands us to “Remember the Sabbath Day.” God knows our need to weekly pause,

  • to be convicted of trusting in the idols that make us worriers,
  • to be assured of God’s forgiveness that makes us warriors, and
  • to be filled with the Holy Spirit to make us misfits to be useful in God’s kingdom work.

Pray for an “Easter Every Sunday” mindset.

An “Easter Every Sunday” mindset says, “Every Sunday is a celebration of Easter I can’t afford to miss.”

Would you join our Prayer Team as we ask the Holy Spirit to work a miracle among? Simply reply “Prayer Warrior” to this email. You will receive short prayers three times per week from now until Picnic Sunday, August 6.

Our constant prayer is that every one of us at St. Paul’s and The Bridge have an Easter Every Sunday mindset.

  • We commit to worship every Sunday.
  • We commit to invite others to join us in worship.
  • We commit to pray for a miracle… that St. Paul’s becomes an “Easter Every Sunday” church that is useful to God to reach others around us with the hope that we have in Christ.

Warrior Training

This fall I hope to lead a group of between 40 and 70 individuals in “warrior training,” where we read through the entire Bible story and join together in prayer for each other and God’s church. I’ve attached the schedule.

Finally, I ask for your prayers as we call a pastor to serve as a Resident Missionary here at St. Paul’s. There will be a short voters meeting this Sunday at noon to extend the call. May the Holy Spirit guide us in our discussions and the choice of whom we will invite to join our ministerial team.

Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Pete


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