An Everyday Missionary Story - What is Yours?

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on January 24, 2020

A member just told me this story about her dad. 

Gary (not his real name) was a Christmas and Easter Catholic. He knew the Bible stories. When his wife and daughter talked about a Sunday School lesson, he would put down his paper, make a quick observation, then bury himself back in the paper. But the Word was working.
In the book Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to Be an Everyday Missionary, we are encouraged to ask ourselves, “What is Jesus doing in the lives of the people around us?” What Jesus was doing in Gary’s life?

One word: Cancer.

One day this man who wanted nothing to do with church told his daughter, “I need to be confirmed in the Lutheran Church.” The pastor came and did the membership Bible study at their home. Five weeks before he went home to heaven, Gary was confirmed and received the Lord’s Supper with his family. It was the first time in his life he had received Jesus’ body and blood. What a precious gift that was for him and for his family!
But the story doesn’t end there.
A year after Gary died, the man next door (we’ll call him Bill) died of cancer too. Bill had never really wanted anything to do with God and church. But Bill’s widow mentioned to Gary's widow that she saw him reading Bible study material in the last months of his life. Where did that Bible study material come from?
An everyday missionary next door. Gary had joined Jesus on his mission.

  • Jesus used the pain of cancer to form a bond with Gary.
  • That cancer formed a bond between Gary and Bill.
  • Jesus used that cancer to open a door into Bill’s life.

Another soul won for Christ.
What is your story?
On the connection card this weekend you are invited to share your “everyday missionary” story:

  • “Share what you are currently doing or want to do to have a positive spiritual/emotional/friendship impact on (1) your family (2) close circle of friends (3) outer circle of influence or (4) complete strangers.”

You can also share your story by replying to this email. Let us encourage each other as we Join Jesus on His Mission.

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God bless and keep you!

Pastor Pete


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