All Alone - June 2022

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on June 23, 2022

One of the toughest struggles to face is when you feel "all alone." No one else is there for you. No one else cares.

Jesus was "all alone" in the Garden of Gethsemane. First the disciples failed to join him in prayer, and then they deserted him.  Because he was willing to go to the cross "all alone," you and I will never be all alone.
When temptation came for Peter in the high priest's courtyard, he didn’t have the strength to stand all alone. When temptation comes to us, may we remember we are never “all alone.” When we fail like Peter did, even then, may we see the Savior's love eyes turn toward us and assure us, "I am here for you as your Savior." Read Luke 22:47-62 here. 

The psalmists (Psalm 70-73) cling to this truth in the prayers that we read todayYou are never alone in Christ.

  • Psalm 70: Come quickly to help me!
  • Psalm 71: Be my rock of refuge to which I can always go.
  • Psalm 72: The King rules to bless me (A Messianic Psalm about our Savior King)
  • Psalm 73All alone because "I envied the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked." I am comforted when I remember, “I am always with You. You hold me by my right hand.”

Dear fellow pilgrim on the way to the heavenly city, you are never "all alone." Amen. 


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