A Prayer for Waukesha and Daily Devotion - November 2021

by Pastor Pete Panitzke on November 22, 2021

We join in prayer for all our friends in Waukesha, and especially those who were at the parade and saw the horrible events of yesterday...

Father in heaven, comfort all who have experienced horror in Waukesha yesterday. Spare the lives of those who are injured. Give strength to those filled with sorrow at the death of loved ones and friends. Bring healing to the hearts and souls of those who experienced this tragedy. Bring justice to the perpetrator. Father, our hearts are breaking! Hear us for the sake of your dear Son Jesus. Amen.
Daily Devotion

It is at times like this that I ask, "Lord, give me a child-like faith that trusts your love and power even in the face of frightening events." I see that child-like faith in the actions of Mary as she anoints her Savior for his death. Read John 12:1-26 here.

God used a horrible event in 586 BC to prepare God's people for the coming of his Son, their King. By destroying the city and His Temple, God finally got through to the Israelites that he saw and condemned their idolatry. They came back from exile a changed people, committed to serving only one God.
In our Old Testament lesson (read Ezekiel 24-26) Ezekiel receives word the final siege of Jerusalem has begun. The siege will last 18 months. The exiles in Babylon to whom Ezekiel speaks will mourn for the sons and daughters they left behind in Jerusalem just as Ezekiel mourned for his wife.

In Ezekiel 25 we begin a section of prophecy against the surrounding nations. Notice that these nations rejoiced when God’s people in Jerusalem were defeated. The LORD may come in judgment on the Israelites, but he is also the God of the nations. He also controls those who do not believe in him. He is able to bring justice upon the wrongdoer.

In Ezekiel 26, he turns his attention to Tyre on the Mediterranean coast about 100 miles north of Jerusalem. After Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem, he spent 13 years besieging Tyre, an island fortress just off the coast.

At the end of this section of judgment on the nations in Ezekiel 33, news will arrive that Jerusalem has fallen and Ezekiel will be able to speak freely. Below is a map of some of those nations.

Prayer: Our King has come. Hosanna! He has drawn us to himself by allowing himself to be lifted up on the cross to die for us. Where others see defeat, we see victory in our King. Our King who died has risen again. Our King who humbles and disciplines us as your children can lift us up again as you brought the exiles back to Jerusalem from Babylon. We trust your love and power to rule the nations and to rule our lives, even when events occur that we can't possibly understand. Draw us to yourself and give us the child-like trust of Mary who anointed your feet. Amen.


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