God's Commandments: No Idols

by Dr. Joel Nelson on January 03, 2021

God’s Commandments: No Idols | Exodus 20:4-6; 2 Kings 23:1-20

Josiah becomes King of Judah when he is just eight years old. Though young, Josiah believes in and follows God, unlike his father and grandfather before him who ignored God and worshipped false gods (idols). Josiah orders workers to repair God’s temple which was falling apart due to neglect. During the repairs, the scroll containing God’s Law written by Moses is discovered, buried in the junk. Josiah has never seen or heard God’s Laws before because his father and grandfather did not teach it to him. When Josiah learns what God’s Law says, he tears his clothes in sorrow. God’s people, Josiah’s subjects, have not been following God’s commandments at all! King Josiah has everyone tear down the false gods throughout the kingdom. The people begin to worship and follow the only God.



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