God Gives Gideon Strength

by Dr. Joel Nelson on January 16, 2022

God Gives Gideon Strength | Judges 6-7

For many years, the Israelites are worshipping false Gods and ignoring God’s Word. God uses a group of heathen people called the Midianites to punish the Israelites. After years of Midianite terror, the Israelites come to their senses and turn to God for help.

God sends an angel to Gideon who is hiding from the Midianties. The angel calls Gideon a mighty warrior and tells Gideon God plans to use him to free the Israeiltes from the Midianite madness.

At first, Gideon is very hesitant, but God reassures him with miraculous signs. Then Gideon and God form a small army. The army is just the right size to do the job with God’s almighty help. God proves to Gideon and everyone else that...

We are strong with God!






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Dear Father in Heaven: We fear not, for you are with us. We are not dismayed, for you are our God. You strengthen and uphold us with your right hand of power and righteousness. Like Gideon, we know that things impossible with men are possible with you. Thank you for being our Protector, Defender, Savior, and Friend. Amen.

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