Community Counseling & Care Center

at St Paul's

We each were created with an incredible purpose and a deep worth but, from time to time, things happen in life that cause us to forget that purpose and question that worth. At the Community Counseling & Care Center, we believe that God never forgets your purpose or worth. We will walk alongside you as you evaluate your life - body, mind, soul, and spirit - and, with intention, prayer, and humility, help you begin living your life to the fullest with confidence, peace and joy.

We offer support and services in three ways: Professional Counseling, Support Groups and Wellness Training.

Our Professional Counseling services offer caring and compassionate 1:1 counseling through our partnership with Christian Family solutions. We will also be offering professionally-staffed counseling groups on site.

Our Support Groups include peer-led small group environments as well as 1:1 advocacy focused on encouraging healthy growth in a specific mental health area. Some examples include: divorce, loss, abuse, and more.

Our Wellness Training includes services that empower you to learn, grow, and maintain a balanced, healthy state of mind. We do this through a variety of opportunities such as psycho-educational seminars, resiliency training, 1:1 life coaching, marriage mentorship and more!