Kid's Club Family Lesson 2-21-21

God commands his people not to steal. In fact, in the Old Testament of the Bible, people caught stealing might get these punishments: steal someone’s ox, you have to give five back, steal food, you have to give seven times as much back, steal someone’s servant and you could be put to death. Stealing is certainly a serious matter to God. Did you know that Judas, one of Jesus’ disciples, was a thief (stealer)? Judas is the treasurer for the disciples. He holds on to any money the disciples might receive or make. Secretly, Judas steals some of the money for himself. To make matters worse, Judas hypocritically criticizes a woman who gives generously to Jesus. Judas says she’s being wasteful and that her “donation” could be better spent. Can you believe it?

February 21, 2021


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