The Shepherd's Joy

by Mike Westendorf on December 13, 2020

We take time to consider the story of God's salvation plan through the reflections of four characters that play roles in the Christmas story. Today's chapter focuses on the reaction of the shepherds who received the good news that the Messiah was born. Though of low standing in their society, these shepherds were given the privilege of being the first to carry the message to the world that the Messiah had come. What might it have been like to hear their story? Would we be amazed?

As you join us individually or as a small group or a family, join us in lighting your candle and consider the shepherd's joy and the good news that the promised Messiah of old, had finally come.

Take a moment to listen to our Campfire Choir - "Go Tell it on the Mountain"

Chapter 1 - Isaiah's Hope
Chapter 2 – Joseph's Obedience

Chapter 3 - The Shepherd's Joy
Chapter 4 - Mary's Trust

On December 22nd, we released the mini movie "His Name Is Jesus" as part of our Christmas celebration online.


Jan Krueger on December 16, 2020 10:37pm

Really appreciate these advent devotions and music. Enjoyed them as much as when you came to Grace in Tucson probably 2 years ago.

Anonymous on January 2, 2021 8:51am

This was excellent!, AWESOME!


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