Joseph's Obedience

by Mike Westendorf on December 06, 2020

We take time to consider the story of God's salvation plan through the reflections of four characters that play roles in the Christmas story. Today's chapter focuses on the Jesus' earthly Father Joseph, whose obedience to God's promise in the face of incredible challenge, serves as an encouragement for us to follow God's plan, even when it impossible to grasp.

As you join us individually or as a small group or a family, join us in lighting your candle and consider Joseph's struggle to understand yet his willingness to obey the angel's tidings. As he stepped forth in obedience, he stepped into God's faithfulness, a lesson we can all learn again today.

Take a moment to listen to our Campfire Choir - "O Little Town of Bethlehem"

Chapter 1 - Isaiah's Hope
Chapter 2 – Joseph's Obedience

Chapter 3 - The Shepherd's Joy
Chapter 4 - Mary's Trust

On December 22nd, we released the mini movie "His Name Is Jesus" as part of our Christmas celebration online.


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