Isaiah's Hope

by Mike Westendorf on November 29, 2020

The Advent season is one of anticipation. We take time to consider the story of God's salvation plan through the reflections of four characters that play roles in the Christmas story.

Today's chapter focuses on the Prophet Isaiah who warned God's people of the consequence of their sin and the comfort and promise of redemption and an ultimate Savior who we would know as Jesus.

As you join us individually or as a small group or a family, join us in lighting your candle and considering Isaiah's hope that he witnessed first hand and the promises of God's faithfulness and grace passed down through his prophecies in the book of Isaiah. 

Take a moment to listen to our Campfire Choir - In the Waiting (O Come Emmanuel)

Chapter 1 - Isaiah's Hope
Chapter 2 –Joseph's Obedience

Chapter 3 - The Shepherd's Joy
Chapter 4 - Mary's Trust

On December 22nd, we released the mini movie "His Name Is Jesus" as part of our Christmas celebration online



Doris Meinecke on November 29, 2020 4:54pm

Thank you for this beautiful worship service for the beginning of the Advent season.

Greg and Sharon Naumann on November 29, 2020 5:49pm

Nicely done...thanks


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