St Paul's Lutheran - Muskego

Who We Are

Welcome to St Paul's Muskego

Whoever you are and whatever your reason, we’re so excited meet you! We are men, women, plumbers, electricians, businessmen and women, students, teachers, motorcycle riders, athletes, artists, young and old. But most of all, we are a family – complete with all the quirks and fun that your own family might have – a big, imperfect family with a love for our huge perfect God!

Mission Statement

“By every possible means we bring every person in our area of influence closer to Christ.”

Our Core Beliefs

This we believe … “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

  • We believe that there is one true God. He has revealed Himself to us as one Triune God made up of three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that God created the world in six days using his almighty Word. We are not accidents of nature, but the creation of a powerful, wise and loving God who continues to be in control of this world.
  • The first man and woman sinned against God. Now all people are born as sinners, unworthy of heaven.
  • Out of love, God promised to send a Savior to rescue us from sin. God repeated that promise throughout the Old Testament and fulfilled that promise by sending Jesus.
  • Jesus is both God and Man.
  • Jesus died for all our sins and rose from the dead on Easter morning. Because of his sacrifice, we are forgiven of our sins
  • We live Christian lives to thank God for graciously giving us forgiveness and eternal life.
  • The Bible was written by the hands of men, but the Holy Spirit gave those men the words to record. This means the Bible is inspired by God and without error.
  • The Holy Spirit works through the Word of God to create and strengthen faith in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit strengthens faith through the Sacraments of Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.
  • Someday, Jesus will come to earth to judge everyone — the living and the dead. All who believe in Jesus can have the confidence that they will live forever with him in heaven.

Questions about our core beliefs? Contact us.

Our Vision

“By every possible means we bring every person in our area of influence closer to Christ.”

The world around is constantly changing. That’s why our approach to ministry and our communication methods will change. Yet our message remains the same: Jesus has given us freedom from our sins. Jesus has called us to live as a family of believers loving God and loving each other. We will do everything we can to help people grow closer to Jesus and the freedom he gives.

We envision a congregation that …

  • Celebrates God’s love in worship with variety in both musical styles and teaching styles
  • Provides life-long Christian education for youth and adults
  • Connects individuals through small group life and by serving together so that no one faces the trials of this life alone
  • Cares about our community and is an active participant in community events and issues
  • Supports mission work here in the greater Milwaukee area and throughout our world
  • Trains future leaders of God’s church through our youth ministries and our Christian school system

Learn More

  • Our congregation is a member of WELS
  • Read more about our doctrinal positions here
  • We subscribe to the historic confessions of the Lutheran Church found in the Book of Concord